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Blended Learning & Teaching Remotely


A broadcast or broadcastingThe live streaming of a teaching session to remote learners only for purposes of synchronous teaching that is not recorded for later use.

recordingThe recording of a teaching session for purposes of asynchronous teaching.

teaching remotely - the teacher is teaching to students who are not at the same location as the teacher.

teaching asynchronously or asynchronous teaching - the teacher is teaching to students in the classroom with them but students can access the teaching session at another time remotely. This may involve teachers uploading videos of them teaching or sharing teaching materials but does not always involve teachers teaching live.

teaching synchronously or synchronous teaching - the teacher is teaching to students in the classroom with them and to students who are elsewhere ‘live’ and at the same time.

Recording Google Meet

Recording Google Meet will be active for all Prairie Spirit School Division Teachers as of November 12, 2020. Please review the following 2 links to better understand how, when and why a class should be recorded.

Updated: November 2020

2020 - Remote Learning Best Practices

Remote Teaching Best Practices

Consistency is key when in remote learning for all parties involved; Guardians, Students & Teachers. This guide focuses on keeping it simple when setting yourself up for remote teaching and gives a quick overview of the latest Google Meet features to help keep your online classes engaging and interactive.

Updated: November 2020

2020 - Teaching To Multiple Locations

Teaching to Multiple Classrooms & Remotely

In Classroom Only - Able to use technology as normally planned with all students in your classroom.

Remote - All students receiving class via Remote Learning as done in the Spring of 2020

Hybrid - You have students in multiple classrooms and possibly some at home.

Updated: October 2020

Troubleshooting Google Meet

There are a couple of factors that can lead to Google Meet running poorly and cause blurry or frozen video as well as camera and microphone issues. This guide will help you eliminate some of those issues either before or during a remote class.

Slide Decks

2020 - G Suite for Education 2020 / 21

2020-21 School Year Technical Overview

Keeping an eye on things to come allows us to continue to be prepared and aware of changes and features as they arise.

This presentation goes over what Prairie Spirit SD focused on over the summer to help add engaging and flexible solutions to better support in class and remote learning scenarios. We also review some divisional initiatives, provincial guidelines and throw around a whole basket of technical goodness that should appeal to anyone in K-12.

Updated: October 2020

Prairie Spirit SD - PaperCut & FutureSmart4

PaperCut - Print & Copy

Focusing on efficiant and device agnostic print, we are proud to announce we will be upgrading all Photocopiers in Prairie Spirit SD to a new user friendly solution. To learn more, please refer to the PaperCut Slide Deck or you can scan the QR code sticker at any copier with you smart phone to bring up the Slide Deck.

Alongside PaperCut, we will be upgrading the photocopiers with the latest firmware called FutureSmart 4, allowing for a more modern and simplified user experience at the copier.

Updated: September 2020