Grade K - Educational Resources

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Click on the down arrow of your subject below. Links will be under subject resources and any instructions or examples will will be in each subject drop box.

ELA Learning Examples

Go to Starfall and practice your letters. Can you find things that start with the letters in your house?

Practice writing the letters.

Math Resources

Math Learning Examples

Go to Starfall and watch the Video Five Little Speckled Frogs.

Can you find things to make sets of five in your house? Can you count to five forwards and backwards?

Science Learning Examples

Go to National Geographic for Kids and pick two videos to watch.

Draw a picture of the animals.

Social Studies Learning Examples

Go to BrainPop Junior and learn about Community Helpers. Do all of the activities.

Physical Education Resources

Physical Education Learning Examples

Go to and pick a video to move along to.

The Arts Resources

The Arts Learning Examples

Go to and choose an Art project to complete.