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Guardians Guide to Google Tools

Getting to know the technology used in Prairie Spirit SD is a great way to provide support at home and understand the ease of use of the solutions we use. Everything from Student Data Privacy, how to use a Chromebook and details on Google Classroom, Docs & Meet can be found in the guide below :)

Troubleshooting Google Meet

There are a couple of factors that can lead to Google Meet running poorly and cause blurry or frozen video as well as camera and microphone issues. This guide will help you eliminate some of those issues either before or during a remote class.

Google Classroom

Parent's Guide to Google Classroom


Understanding Guardian Summaries

You can get email summaries sent to any email address. However, to view or update email summary settings, you need a Google Account. With a Google Account, you can change the frequency of your emails, update your time zone, see the students connected to your account, and unsubscribe from email summaries.

You are important in your child’s learning. While academic learning is important, your child’s mental health and well-being are important too. Your child learns from you all the time, but no one expects you to be the teacher at home. Communicating with your child’s teacher can help you to decide on ways to help your child adjust to learning from home. How you support your child will depend on your child’s age, needs, and the time you have available. Here are some suggestions for all parents and caregivers.

At Prairie Spirit School Division, students have access to various technologies to help engagement and support Digital Literacy. One of the main solutions we use is G Suite for Education - which allows for Safe & Secure access not only while in our Schools, but from home as well.

To help ensure the transition from learning in School to learning at Home is as easy as possible, we have done our best to ensure the students have access to familiar devices and programs. This website is intended to help you work with the technology sent to your home and provide you with some troubleshooting and support throughout this time. Prairie Spirit has a dedicated team of IT Professionals who are happy to help where we can with our devices and services, and can do so remotely in most aspects.

Staying Safe Online At Home

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The Canadian Centre, through its program, is urging families to have conversations about internet safety and to work together to implement strategies that ensures everyone’s digital well-being. For more emerging online safety considerations and contact information should you have a question or concern about a child online, visit our COVID-19 response site below

Using G Suite For Education