Remote Teaching

Terms & Definitions

A broadcast or broadcastingThe live streaming of a teaching session to remote learners only for purposes of synchronous teaching that is not recorded for later use.

recordingThe recording of a teaching session for purposes of asynchronous teaching.

teaching remotely - the teacher is teaching to students who are not at the same location as the teacher.

teaching asynchronously or asynchronous teaching - the teacher is teaching to students in the classroom with them but students can access the teaching session at another time remotely.  This may involve teachers uploading videos of them teaching or sharing teaching materials but does not always involve teachers teaching live.

teaching synchronously or synchronous teaching - the teacher is teaching to students in the classroom with them and to students who are elsewhere ‘live’ and at the same time.

Remote Teaching Guides

Training & Resources

2021 - Remote Learning Best Practices

Remote Learning Best Practices

Consistency is key when in remote learning for all parties involved; Guardians,  Students & Teachers.  This guide focuses on keeping it simple when setting yourself up for remote teaching and gives a quick overview of the latest Google Meet features to help keep your online classes engaging and interactive.

2021 - Teaching To Multiple Locations

Teaching to Multiple Locations

Teaching to multiple locations synchonously can be a difficult task.  This guide will help you set up ways to connect with students that may be at home while still teaching a group in the classroom, or multiple classrooms synchronously.