To ensure the best event possible, when bringing in an outside presenter to any Prairie Spirit SD schools, please review the graphic below and submit a Presenter Request form at least 1 week prior to your event.  Proper planning and communication will make the technology invisible and allow for the best experience for all parties possible.

Image detailing the technical requirements needed when an outside party is coming into Prairie Spirit School Division to provide a presentation.  Google Chrome or Edge is required to be installed on any device such as a Chromebook, MacBook or Windows Device.  This will allow the presenter the ability to cast their screen wirelessly in our schools and share audio.


Q: What is required on the presenters device?

A: Google Chrome (the browser) and that's all!!  Click this link to download Chrome Browser Enterprise

Q: Will the presenter be able to project wirelessly using the Chromecasts in our schools?

A: Yes!  Once we receive the notifiaction that a presenter is coming in, we will provide a password to the wifi that will give them internet access and the ability to cast via Google Chrome.  To do this, the only thing the Presenter needs is the Chrome Browser as shown above.  

Q: Who is responsible for installing the Chrome Browser?

A: The Presenter or the Presenters IT Department - we are not responsible for installing applications on devices that are not property of Prairie Spirit SD.

Q: Are there any devices that won't work?

A: All devices will work.  For example, if using an iPad they will need to be casting from a castable application such as Google Slides.

Q: How much lead-time do you need?

A: The more the better, but at least a week is prefferable.

Q: What if we need IT to come and set up projectors & sound in a larger space?

A: This is absolutely doable!  We do ask for access to the larger space the day prior to the event or the morning before an event.  Our hours are 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. Travel time will need to be accounted for within those hours.