Welcome to Prairie Spirit SD!

We are excited to bring you onboard and help get you connected with your new colleagues and ensure you have access to all departments and services as needed.  You will find all of the divisional resources located on the Landing Page by clicking on the home button from your Chrome browser, along with quick access to the main services hosted by Prairie Spirit SD.

Below are the required first steps once signed into your issued Google Workspace account and are to be completed within 2 weeks - these steps are mandatoryOnce completed, all synchronised services such as payroll, print & Google Workspace will become available.  

Again, welcome to Prairie Spirit and we look forward to working with you.

Prairie Spirit SD - Senior Admin Team

New Hires - Complete All Steps Below

Additional Information

Please provide your contact information (home, cell phone and/or divisional email) to your school Administrative Assistant (Public School Staff) or to the Student Information Officer (shodgson@prspirit.org) (Colony School Staff), for entering into PowerSchool SIS.  This will allow the School Messenger program to notify you in the event of a school closure, school emergency or Divisional informational notice.

Teaching staff members, please email your PSP Teacher Certificate Number to the Student Information Officer (shodgson@prspirit.org). 

Training & Orientation Overview

Image of a keyboard with different coloured circles representing typing, settings, assistants and screens

Gamified Chromebook Training

30 min.  This is a hands on, interactive, and gamified Chromebook training that will give you a quick overview and practical keyboard shortcuts to ramp up quickly on a Chromebook. Whether you're a new user that's looking to get started or an existing user that's looking to brush up on your Chromebook knowledge, this game has got you covered.

Great for Staff & Students!!

2-Step Verification Guides

2-Step Verification - Google Prompts
YubiKey How To For Google