Canva PD

Prairie Spirit School Division is pleased to announce our partnership with Canva for Education!  Canva is an industry leading design suite loaded with premium tools, graphics & everything you need to create websites, posters and so much more in your classroom!  To get started, please review the PD shown below which covers everything from getting started to how to create and share assginments in Google Classroom to your students.

If you're wondering why you should use this tool in your classroom, check out Magic Write - an AI based tool in Canva that can provide ideas via prompts such as 'generate 3 fun back to school Canva activities for grade 5 students' and you'll be off to the races :)

To log into Canva, visit the link below and choose to sign-in with Google

Canva 101

Welcome your teachers to Canva with this beginners guide.

Canva 102

Dig deep into Canva's capabilities and use Canva in classrooms.

Google Classroom Assignments

For Teachers

Google Classroom Assignments

For Students

Canva Design School

Magic Write for Teachers