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Information and guidance for all Guardians of students in Prairie Spirit SD

Returning Devices

To help ensure we receive all devices back that were lent out during the school suspension, as well as accurately assess their condition, please use the form below. Also, please find our device sanitation guide for cleaning devices as they come back into the schools and for day-to-day use in the schools.

Online Best Practices

Video Conference Best Practices & Codes of Conduct

Please click below for the full versions of Prairie Spirits Video Conferencing Best Practices & Codes of Conduct.

A Note From Prairie Spirit SD

Leveraging the existing tools at hand has been and will continue to be the key to continuing our students' education. Not one solution will be 100% successful, but blending the resources and skill sets we have will build a learning environment capable of continuing the growth of our students throughout the upcoming months. Utilizing paper packages, technology and other resources around us will help ensure all students have access to their teachers, friends and other support services.

Celebrating Your Success

Take a moment to stop and celebrate everything you have done so far. Being able to offer continued education to the students in Prairie Spirit School Division is not possible without the hard work and dedication shown by all of our educators - we applaud you!


  • Take care of #1 - your mental and physical health are the most important things during this time.
  • Do not step back from pedagogy; you know your students, their needs, current understanding and your curriculum.
  • Don't get overwhelmed by all the information being pushed around online. Use what you know or what your School Division is offering.
  • If it would not be a good resource in your classroom it is not a good resource for learning from home.
  • Utilize the recommendations from the Province for expectations and continue to reach out to students, families and colleagues.

Utilizing Safe Digital Environments

Ensuring we are keeping our students safe online is our top priority throughout this. Prairie Spirit SD is focusing all of it's users onto our 2 vetted and approved solutions; SeeSaw (K4) & G Suite for Education (5-12). Unsupported solutions such as Zoom or Facebook are currently not being recommended or for use with K-12 students and are therefore not approved for use with students within Prairie Spirit SD. Use of non-Prairie Spirit SD accounts with students is also not approved, so please reach out if a service or feature isn't available for your students to continue their learning. If you would like some additional support using our approved solutions to connect and engage, please feel free to reach out to us.

Take care,

Troy Sigvaldason

IT Supervisor, Prairie Spirit School Division

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